Orthonika's Total Meniscus Replacement is based on a unique design and proprietary high strength polymers and constructions which replicates not only the bulk macroscopic geometry of the meniscus, but also the underlying microstructure and anisotropic properties affiliated with the real tissue. Orthonika’s ground breaking implant design is unique, in that it features an inherent attachment mechanism incorporated into the underlying microstructure which allows for optimal load transfer and recovery in the knee joint during mobility.

Hoop stressOur composite structure allows load redistribution as in the natural meniscus and thus creating a new benchmark for the replacement of load-bearing tissue within a joint. The Total Meniscus Replacement is able to replicate the structure and function of the natural meniscus by mimicking the 'hoop stress mechanism' which is key to the correct functioning of the tissue and the preservation of the underlying articular cartilage.

Manufacturing and design of the meniscus replacement are covered by a number of patents. The materials used by Orthonika have well established excellent biocompatibility profiles thus minimizing regulatory risk. The microstructure is impregnated and coated in a proprietary polymer with biphasic material characteristics allowing sophisticated load redistribution and lubrication mechanisms just like the natural tissue.